Adoption at the Movies

Friday, May 7th
via Zoom
The book “Adoption at the Movies” by Addison Cooper is a great resource for opening discussions about the sensitive topic of adoption in your family.  The book includes a list of 63 films (listed by age appropriateness) and also gives a summary of the plot, the adoption connection, strong points, recommendations and questions for each movie.  Families are encouraged to watch a movie together and then use the book to help guide a discussion about adoption in a fun and interactive way.
For this program, we have asked 6 families to volunteer to watch a movie from the list and discuss their movie with us at the program.  We invite other attendees to choose a movie if they have time and share their experiences too.  If you’d like the discussion notes that accompany your movie, please contact or order a copy of the book for yourself HERE
Friday, May 7, 2021 7:00pm

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